The Versifiers are back and honored to be featured on the first song OneWerd’s follow up collaborative album: The Faculty 2. The album is jam packed with up and coming underground hip hop artists. Each track is made unique by the multitude of styles from the many characters that OneWerd has cast to be the second coming of “The Faculty.” (You can also find The Faculty (1) at the end of this post, plus links to all artists on the album.)

The Versifiers kick off the album with OneWerd on the track Nobody’s Hero:

The concept for this track was born from the current state of hip hop as seen by hard working emcees, with day jobs, that have been watching the evolution of the genre very closely. While many emcees are putting themselves on pedestals of almost superhero like magnitude and expecting listeners to do the same, we wanted to convey a different message. We are nobody’s heroes. We are not Luke Skywalkers, but more… Han Solos. (Or Chewbaccas?) Sure, we have our ups, downs, wrongs, rights, our desires, and our needs. But in the realm of music, we try to strip away our egos and relate to the “nobodies,” that are in fact not just like us; they are us. (Albeit, nobodies with some pretty interesting rhyme schemes.)

With that in mind, we created this song from each of our perspectives on individuality and identity, trying to further a very human conversation that questions who and what a emcee really is. (Holy meta Batman!) No, but really, what we mainly hope to do with this song is stimulate our fellow beings and enhance their experience for a moment in some positive way. We create for creations sake, and aspire to provide a little piece of foundation for others to build upon, as alluded to in the chorus of the song:

Manafest foundation
Nameless, faceless
Art’s facilitation
For the sake of creation

You will find our verses from Nobody’s Hero written out for you to follow along with below and the full album below that. We recommend that you give the whole thing a spin, and then a purchase. If you do decide to buy the album, you’ll be happy to know that OneWerd has committed to donating profits from the sale of the album to the relief efforts for Puerto Rico  and the Las Vegas Victim’s Fund

We have also provided links to the other artists on the album at the end of this post, so as you listen through, you can also go check out more of their music as well. Enjoy!


dBL :

Drop My Hoodie
Eradicate Impurities
False Start
Courageous Desires
Spotlight on Outliers
Crew with heads using watches with calculators
Give favors under a faders cue
Now you look at me like:
“I don’t know this dude”
Marinating since JNCO’s
I don’t think so
Heard that in 97 on a Def Jam cut
Pretending to break into heaven while showing love
With key terms like “Cellar Door
Small crowd on a worn out dance floor
Let me introduce to you
A feeling you’re used to
and expect to embolden
I derive from eras deemed as golden
But first impressions aren’t chosen
And my lifeline is constantly unfolding
More than a fan or a soldier
Courageous promoter
Hit me up for a session
I’m happy to be an opener
So your new ears can hear my confessions
When I step off stage
I’ll blend back in with the pedestrians
Nod my head to unknown collectives
This core is eclectic
Daily life is hectic
Shoot me a message so I can soak in it
Or we can chat about Lucy Ford and Almost Famous
A minute ago we were strangers
And now I see familiar faces


I am nothing
Nameless, faceless
I am not this thought and phrases
Lost in language
Caught in shapes
Boxes, cages
Blocks creative
I am all that’s not restrained in
Limitations, sought escape
Cost is breaking
And demolish
Plots and pavement
Stood atop
As stable shocked
as phrased mocked
concocted angles
Must evolve
exhaust arrangement
growth the product
Caused occasion
By the loss of the adopted
Basis that I
viewed the frame with
Processes in place
Will not accomplish change

lest tossed away
Often vague
The space we crossed
And paved the loss
Forgotten way
We concentrate
The conscious plane
They dodge and trade
We honor faith
Beyond what logic’s
margins made
And state is
likely to arise
I brave
rivals face
provide debate
Tidal waves
They might dissuade
A lesser drive with
Trials traits
Likely shaped
in fires flames
Dust of what
one time I placed
My tired laces
on foundation
No longer an option
Drop the weight
of all oasis
Crossed embrace
what’s not yet made


Nobody knows me
Hi I’m Toby
No high horse
Grow my source
Flow by more
Than we connect net synapse
Paths intersect in that
We think for a blink
Then separate ebber state
Leads back to
Unleash unseen
We come cream for no scene
It seems clean streams
Come from builders
Killer distilled
Spiller of thrills
For the sake of will
Will it filter to fill
Your ear holes?
I guess that depends
Where your ears go
Here we hear flows
Here we hear growth
Here we pioneer prose
Here we’re no heroes
Rap fast
Appear slow
Smoother than beer flows
To the glass
Amass tracks for the blast
Not deniro
Money mofos with
Thoughts last longer than photos
Typing protos
Typing pro mode
Ripe reciting icing vice hohos
Lost on the cosmos
Galactic hobo
No clone
With coffee and jams on toast
Raised glass to those who showed
Facts grow just to go broke
No joke
We mash past the actors relaxed
To manufacture tracks
That capture mojo

Full Album:

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