The Versifiers met in Long Beach in 2000. As 90’s golden era hip-hop heads who all shared a passion for music, the friends got into creating music right when they met at the age of 18. The crew and their hombres would cypher, write together, and annoy people at parties who didn’t like hip-hop. The trio have always had a love for the art and as they grew up they continued to work on their craft and create together. Their songs represent who they are as people. They are honest, genuine, and meant to speak to all ears who take time to listen.

They make art for the “everyman,” the folks who work hard at what they love and are good to their families and friends. While they do the majority of their shows in the Bay Area, The Versifiers also have a circle of folks in L.A. and make sure to rep the whole state. They’re Cali locals but have an appreciation for art and do their best to maintain a worldly view.

Influences range from Mos Def to Miles Davis. From Hiero and Hobo Junction to The Devil Makes Three and Alabama Shakes. They refuse to be defined by preconceived confines of what others feel hip hop should be. That is the beauty of art. We shape it as we see fit.

The crew is made up of 3 emcees Betarock, dBL., and Droh. They usually play with their badass D.J. SolWright. They also play frequently with Norman English, a fantastic saxophone player and the San Francisco band The Junk Show.

Check the “Shows” link to find out how to catch The Versifiers live.

The Versifiers have shared the stage with:

A-Plus of Hieroglyphics, Scarub of The Living Legends, Ab Rude of Haiku D’Etat, Gajah of Acid Reign, C-Rayz Walz, Megabusive, Sammy Warm Hands, Alien Family, Ogar Burl, Kirby Dominant, BOAC Jackson, Charlie Muscle, Adder, The Junk Show, OneWerd, dubldragon., Z-ManThe I.M.F., Knowbody, Kayer,  JB Nimble, Dan Dillinger, Bottled Water, K Serious, Skinny the Kid, Pete Feliciano, Kurt Hustle, Lucid Optics, Alpha MC, CTZN, Thesis Sahib, The Lobetrotters, Zap Tap, Spread, MH the Verb, Atlantis Rizing, Blitz Rothko, 3 Headed Dragon, Thor, Austan Found, J Vida, Visualeyez, Estevan Rodrigo, Oneofus, D-Wiz of Bpos, Mike Incite, Corina Corina, Breakadawn Juan, Hugo Monsta, Aquifer, Unlearn the World, Mister Cleen, 3rd Eye Team, Tahaj the 1st, Mike Fish, That Kid Cry, Herbie One, Voltaire Slapadelic, Taste Nate, Flo J Simpson, and a ton of other talented artists.