The Versified Junk Show! (@ The Legionnaire next Thursday 9/28)

Wassup yall!? The Versifiers are coming back atcha with some special edition mashup madness! We are joining forces with The Junk Show next Thursday the 28th at the Legionnaire Saloon in Oakland to bring you a live band funky rockin hip hop extravaganza! Oh yea and the headliner is none other than the Living Legend and savvy traveler in the flesh: Scarub! Other bad ass performers for the night include our good buddy and intergalactic wordsmith OneWerd (+friends!), the Bay Area native Z-Man, MC/DJ/Producer MH the Verb, and the boisterous San Diego rhyme crew Atlantis Rizing.

This’ll be one for the ages folks. Peep the links below for previews of all these dope musicians sweet sweet music, where it’s at, where to RSVP, and buy discounted tickets. See you there!

Show location:

Be a G: RSVP

Make sure you get to kick it: Buy a Ticket ($7 Pre Sale. $10 @ Door)

A tasty sample of Versified Junk:

See our videos section for more Versifiers videos.

A junky sample of The Junk Show:




MH the Verb:

Atlantis Rizing:

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